FDIC Cybersecurity Guide

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FDIC Cybersecurity Guide

Want to know how to avoid fraud and safeguard your accounts online? Go straight to the source - the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) has published FDIC Consumer News quarterly since 1993, to help people protect their money, which includes providing tips in practically every issue about how to avoid financial fraud and theft. A lot has changed over the years, especially as consumers increase their reliance on computers and the internet — the “cyber” world — for everything from shopping to communicating to banking and bill paying. While the benefits of faster and more convenient cyber services for bank customers are clear, the risks posed by these services, as well as the strategies for preventing or recovering from cyber-related crimes, may not be as well-known by the average consumer and small business owner.

This is why the FDIC has produced a special edition of the FDIC Consumer News — a guide to safe online banking that features precautions to take at home and when banking remotely (using laptop computers, smartphones and other mobile devices). This special edition also includes tips and information for parents and guardians wanting to protect their children from online fraud and identity theft, and for small businesses needing to secure their computer systems and data. You’ll also learn about what banks and bank regulators are doing to protect your money.

Safety Precautions for Internet Banking or Shopping

How to Avoid Identity Theft Online

The Roles of Banks and the Government

Additional FDIC Resources for Consumers

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