Make a Cyber Self-Care Plan

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Make a Cyber Self-Care Plan

To prevent anxiety and encourage new ways of flourishing, experts recommend we create self-care plans. These are intervention tools that help us stay on track with our mental and physical well-being should we ever face a crisis – personal, professional or financial.
It’s a wise tool for our physical lives. Why not create one for our cyber lives?

Here’s how:

Stick to a security routine. Are you following the latest safe password strategies? Do you have security software installed on all your devices? Are you following public Wi-Fi best practices? Plan routine times to do things such as password resets, software updates, file cleanups and security scans.

Challenge yourself to a digital detox. You can do it for a day, a weekend or just a few hours. Pick a schedule that’s right for you. Tackle the following tasks, starting from easy to you’ve-got-to-be-kidding.

✔ Limit time on an app. Most devices offer the ability to add an app limit.
✔ Avoid all social media. Hide the apps from your phone’s home screen.
✔ Place your phone out of sight. Stick it in a drawer or closet.
✔ Turn off your device. Start with an hour and work your way up.

If you’re already sweating, it helps to coordinate plans with your loved ones. You may even offer an alternative form of communication in case of emergencies, like a partner’s phone number.
Our digital lives can contribute to or take away from our overall well-being. Following these steps will help you take an active role in yours. For other best practices to help you live your best digital life, be sure to check out these helpful cybersecurity resources on our website.

Revised July 2023

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