Pay Securely with Apps Like Zelle

Identity Protection
Pay Securely with Apps Like Zelle

Payment apps like Zelle are easy, fast and convenient. This also makes them a target for scammers. Protect yourself by only sending money to people you know personally and trust.

Here are common scams fraudsters use:  

Claiming Your Loved One is in Need

Scammers may claim your relative is in trouble and you need to send money urgently for bail or medical treatment. They may know your loved one’s name or information about them, but always hang up and call the person yourself.

Impersonating Banks and Reputable Companies

Fraudsters can impersonate your bank or other reputable companies by mimicking email addresses and phone numbers. Remember, banks will never ask you to send money using a payment app.

What can you do?

  • Be mindful of ANY request to act urgently. This is a major red flag!
  • Never share your password, Social Security number, or credit and debit card numbers.
  • Suspicious call? Hang up. Odd email or text? Delete it.
  • Misplace your debit card? Use the Ameris mobile app to “turn off” your card, and then call 800-236-2442 immediately. Our Customer Service Team can be reached at 866-616-6020 for account and fraud assistance.

Published August 2022

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