What Will Ameris Bank NEVER Ask You?

Identity Protection
What Will Ameris Bank NEVER Ask You?

Potential fraudsters are always adapting their strategies. Some are even impersonating companies and financial institutions over the phone, or by text or email. It’s important to remember that your bank will never send you a text or email asking for account or PIN numbers, social security numbers, or passwords. Here are other red flags to watch for in communication you receive.  

Suspicious Call or Text? Hang Up or Delete the Message! 

If you call an Ameris Bank branch or customer service center, you may be asked to confirm personal details to ensure your identity. This is one way we keep your information secure!  However, if you receive a call and question its validity, hang up and call Ameris Bank to verify. If it’s a suspicious text or email, delete it right away, and never download any content or click any links.

Watch for Urgent Requests or Time-Sensitive Deadlines

Scammers play on our emotions. Their messages might create a sense of urgency or make you feel pressure to act right away. They may say to call a number or click a link before the end of the day or else your assets will be frozen or otherwise affected. This is an easy way to identify something is amiss.

Be Aware of Popular Scam

It’s always wise to be familiar with common scams. For instance, lately some fraudsters are requesting gift cards or money, sometimes even saying that one of your family members or friends is in danger. Others may impersonate companies, asking you to call a number or visit a website that’s different than those you’re familiar with; some may even pretend to need your help with an “investigation.” Be aware of these strategies! Scammers will ask you to visit an unfamiliar website or call to take part in an investigation.

Always approach incoming calls, texts or emails from someone claiming to be with your bank with a dose of caution. Remember to trust your gut: if anything about the interaction or communication seems off, there’s a good chance it is!

Published April 2022

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