Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

Buying a Home
Getting Your Home Ready to Sell

You might know the basics: keep personal items out of sight, remove clutter and mow the lawn, but there’s even more that goes into selling your home. Potential buyers can fall in (or out) of love with your home for a variety of reasons. Use these essential strategies to get your home ready to sell — and make it irresistible to everyone who sees it.

Tips for Maximizing Your Home’s Appeal

  • De-Personalize: Pack up all knick-knacks, family heirlooms and photos. When a buyer enters your home and sees personal effects, they immediately see the space as exclusively yours, rather than a place they will want to live.
  • De-Clutter: Take an objective look at your house and identify any items that can be donated, sold or discarded. Consider renting a storage unit if you need to remove bulky items like furniture that can make a space feel crowded.
  • Clean: Clean your home from top to bottom so that buyers will find your space neat and smelling sweet.
  • Make Minor Repairs: With a friend or family member, examine your home for anything that needs fixing, such as leaky faucets, squeaky doors or loose knobs.
  • Improve Outdoor Spaces: Ensure that your yard is well-maintained. Check all exterior windows and door frames and paint anything that looks past its prime. Also, make sure your house number is visible from the road.
  • Lighten and Brighten: Let in as much natural light as possible and consider repainting white trim and other walls so they stand out and look fresh.
  • Tips for a Good Showing

    When the time comes to show your house, keep these things in mind:

    • Know who is visiting and remember their names.
    • Give prospective buyers space and time to explore your house.
    • Explain what’s included with the house.
    • Be truthful about your house.

    Tens of millions of homes sell each year. Yours can be next. Selling your house can be bittersweet, but by following the advice above, you can get the best price possible for your beloved home.

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