National Homeownership Month

National Homeownership Month

The What: What is National Homeownership Month?

Every June, housing professionals across the United States come together to celebrate National Homeownership Month. The event aims to encourage Americans to pursue their homeownership goals and make informed purchase decisions.

Ameris Bank has long supported first-time homebuyers and established homeowners with tailored mortgage programs and advice from our team of experienced and knowledgeable mortgage bankers. We are proud to celebrate National Homeownership Month once again, and our team is ready to assist you in your homeownership journey every month of the year.

The Why: Benefits of Being a Homeowner

Homeownership provides an opportunity to build wealth. A home is a long-term asset that has the potential to appreciate over time, allowing homeowners to create a nest egg for retirement or other financial goals. Wise renovations can further improve your home’s value and increase your equity. Don’t forget that equity can be cashed out in a loan refinance or can be borrowed against as collateral for a Home Equity Line of Credit. You can use HELOC funds to make more home improvements, pay off credit card debt, tackle student loans, purchase big-ticket items and more.

Buying a home is more than an investment for many individuals and families. Homeownership can come with feelings of pride and satisfaction from achieving something so meaningful in life. It can provide a sense of community, as homeowners become part of a neighborhood with shared interests and values.

The How: Choosing a Mortgage Lender

You have many options when choosing a lender for a home mortgage loan. While securing a low rate may be high on your list of priorities, there are other important things to consider, including fees and available loan terms. It is also essential to research each potential lender's reputation. Compare all these factors to make an informed choice.

Ameris Bank can help you make your decision an easier one. We are a leading provider of home financing products for first-time homebuyers and existing homeowners. Our portfolio of home loan products includes fixed-rate mortgages, adjustable-rate mortgages (ARMs) and several government-backed mortgage options.

In 2022, Ameris Bank helped more than 12,000 customers purchase a home; 6,540 were first-time homebuyers, and 2,865 homebuyers received U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), Federal Housing Administration (FHA) or U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) loan programs.

Moreover, Ameris Bank committed $10 million in grants over three years through the Ameris Down Payment Grant Program. Through 2024, eligible first-time homebuyers may receive up to $12,500 toward a mortgage down payment and closing costs.*


Ameris Bank welcomes the opportunity to make your homeownership dream a reality. With competitive rates, flexible terms and various options, our loans are designed with you in mind. You can instantly find an Ameris Bank mortgage banker in your area with a single click on your computer or a tap on your mobile device.

Homeownership is an integral part of the American Dream and something to be celebrated. National Homeownership Month is the perfect time to recognize those who have achieved this goal and to assist aspiring homeowners. Let's use this month to acknowledge the planning, research and dedication it takes to become a homeowner and celebrate everyone who has achieved this milestone.

Published June 2023

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