Borrower's Checklist

Borrower's Checklist

Once you sign the Loan Estimate and accept the offer, you will be asked to provide several documents. Below is a general list – some items may or may not apply to you.


  • Copy of your current Driver’s License
  • Copy of your Social Security Card
  • If non-resident, a copy of Certificate of Resident Alien Status (Green Card)


  • Most recent income documentation for all parties – covering 30 days (Social Security, Retirement, Current Job income, etc.)
  • Most recent 2 month bank statements (all pages)
  • Most recent 401k, IRA, or other retirement account statements
  • Documentation of any other income
  • Completed tax returns from the last 2 years (signed)
  • W2s from last 2 years (signed)
  • If self-employed, year-to-date Profit and Loss statement prepared by accountant and/or corporate/partnership tax returns
  • Partnership Agreement
  • Copy of bankruptcy proceedings with status and explanation
  • Explanation letter for any late payments, judgments, liens, bankruptcy or foreclosure
  • Gift letter or explanation of source of funds for closing costs


  • Copy of your homeowner’s insurance and flood policy on all property owned
  • Copy of your most recent property tax bill and the due date on all property owned
  • Most recent mortgage statement on all property owned
  • Closing statements from sale of current property owned
  • Name and address of current landlord with cancelled rent checks for the past year


  • Copy of fully executed Sales Contract (If construction loan, a copy of plans and specifications)
  • Legal description from survey, deed, or title work


  • Copy of your DD214

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