Overdraft Prevention

Overdraft Prevention

Published: October, 2019

No one wants the hassle and embarrassment that comes from declined transactions due to lack of funds. Avoid that, and the resulting fees, by setting up safeguards against account overdrafts.

Learn how to better manage your account and avoid overdrafts with these tools and resources.

Create a Link with Automatic Transfers

Create an automatic transfer of available funds from one Ameris Bank account into your checking account. When funds are needed to complete a transaction, money is automatically transferred in $50 increments to your checking account from your linked account. The price for every automatic transfer is $5.

Apply for a Personal Reserve Account

A personal reserve account (PRA) is a line of credit that gives you extra funds when needed and can be used as a source of overdraft protection.

Establish Direct Deposit

Enjoy same-day access to your funds by having payment automatically deposited in to your account. You can automatically and electronically have your payroll checks, Social Security checks, pension and other payments safely and conveniently deposited directly into your account the same day.

Tips For Avoiding Overdrawing your Account

One of the keys to money management is knowing how much you have in your account at all times. By doing so, you can greatly decrease your chances of overdrawing your account.

  • Keep track of your spending: By doing so, you are protecting your account against overdrafts. When you have good records, you will know how much money you have to spend, transfer or withdraw. In your register: Correctly enter the amount of every transaction (checks, debit card purchases, ATM/Debit withdrawals), record your ATM withdrawals and fees, record your online and automatic payments (such as utilities, insurance, or loan payments) and note all overdraft transfers and services charges.
  • Frequently balance your account: It is also important to formally balance your account register on a continuous basis and make sure you have correctly noted all purchases and deposits. Add all deposits to your register balance and subtract all purchases and withdrawals. When you come to the end of one page in your register, carry the correct balance to the next page before you begin entering transactions on the new page within your register. The balance at the top of each page should be the last balance listed on the prior page. Your register balance is the amount of funds currently available. It should be your goal to add deposits and subtract purchases as they are incurred. Always remember to check all additions and subtractions in your register and ensure that the amounts of your deposits, checks, debit card purchases and withdrawals entered in your register are the same as those on your bank statement or displayed within your Online Banking account activity.
  • Know your true balance: When you visit the ATM, always request an account balance and a receipt for your records. When viewing the account balance, remember that it reflects the purchases, checks, and withdrawals that have been subtracted from, or posted to, your account. The balance provided does not take into consideration the checks you have written. These checks are still outstanding and could clear your account at any time, resulting in a smaller account balance. Therefore, instead of solely relying on the balance provided at the ATM, you should always reference the balance within your up-to-date register because you have accounted for all purchases, checks and withdrawals.
  • Make purchases with knowledge: Your account balance is the amount of money within your account available for spending. If you know your account balance, you will be able to determine if you have enough money to cover the debit card purchase, check, or withdrawal – eliminating the possibility of an overdraft.

Take Advantage of Account Access Tools

Ameris Bank offers a variety of tools to help you manage your accounts and avoid overdrafts.

  • Online Banking:You will see real-time all purchases and withdrawals that have been deducted from your account and all deposited money will be listed within the account activity.
  • Establish Online Alerts: Through Online Banking, you can choose to receive email alerts sent to your personal email address. You can request to receive alerts when your account’s balance falls below the minimum amount you specify, when a deposit is completed, when a specific check number completes processing, when a transfer is completed or fails, plus more.
  • E-Statements: Enroll in Ameris Bank Online Banking and choose to have monthly statements delivered electronically. e-Statements are free and can be accessed through Online Banking at your convenience. Up to 3 years’ worth of statement history can be retrieved online.
  • Automated Telephone Banking: Receive real-time account information, review your account balances and transaction history and transfer funds by calling our toll-free automated telephone banking at any time: 866.616.6020, option 1.
  • Customer Care Center: Speak with an Ameris Bank representative to access your account information, review your account balances and transaction history and transfer funds. Call toll-free, 866.616.6020.
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