Travel Tips

Travel Tips

Want a worry-free vacation? Learn the important steps to take when traveling to protect your money.

No matter where you're headed, give us advance notice and we'll try to make your trip go just a little bit smoother.

1) Let Us Know You're Traveling.

Before you leave, let us know you’ll be traveling. Ameris Bank monitors your accounts for fraudulent activity. If unusual activity is detected on your card, the transaction may be declined as a way to protect your funds. By letting us know you’ll be traveling, it will prevent us from mistaking fraudulent activity on your card.

2) Sign Up For Online and Mobile Banking.

Be sure to sign up for Online and Mobile Banking before you go! Online and Mobile Banking allow you to monitor and manage your accounts from anywhere. With Online Banking, you can establish email and text alerts to stay fully engaged with your accounts while away. You can set up alerts to be notified about incoming and outgoing transactions, completed and/or failed transactions, as well as balance fluctuation. And when you download the mobile app, you can bank from any mobile device.

3) Request Increased Limits.

Are you planning to spend more than normal during vacation? Your Ameris Bank Visa® debit card has standard daily limits, based on account type. If you would like to increase your daily transaction limits during your vacation period, contact your local Ameris Bank representative.

4) Order Foreign Currency.

If you are traveling internationally, it is a great idea to have local currency accessible for your spending. To ensure you are fully-prepared for your trip, be sure to visit your local Ameris Bank to order foreign currency before you go. If you have left over foreign currency when you return, you can take it to your local Ameris Bank to exchange.

5) Make Your Travel Miles Worth More

Ameris Bank offers the American Express® Travel Rewards Credit Card, which gives you the funds you need while also providing reward points on airline, restaurant and hotel purchases. Also, the card comes with travel and emergency assistance, acting as an added layer of security while traveling.

6) Schedule Your Bills.

Don’t worry about missing payments while you're away. Before you leave, you can easily schedule automatic bill payments through Online Banking. If you accidentally forget, simply log in to Online Banking while you are away and quickly make the payment.

7) Protect Your Cash.

Having quick access to cash, while also keeping it secure, is a balancing act when on vacation. By taking proper precautions when carrying cash, you can have the peace of mind knowing you have funds if needed.

  • Divide your money and even your debit/credit cards into different safe places. Don’t carry it all at once.
  • Never carry your wallet in your back pocket or in shoulder-strapped purse.
  • Consider investing in under-clothing storage accessories, such as a money belt to carry your cash, and other important items such as a passport.
  • Carry a dummy wallet. A dummy wallet can be used as a decoy to distract thieves or pickpockets before they get to your real wallet.

8) Beware of Public Computers.

Public computers are prime targets for hackers, as they can easily install a keystroke logger on the device. This gives them the ability to capture each key stroke you make. If you use the computer for banking purposes, they can easily see login details and even credentials.

9) Stow Valuables Securely.

Hotels are typically a secure place, but it never hurts to be too cautious. Before you leave on your trip, check with your hotel to see if they have an in-room safe, where you can store valuables such as a passport, jewelry and extra cash. If not, consider buying a lock for your luggage to keep everything secure while you are out sight-seeing.

10) Have Fun!

Enjoy your vacation, knowing we have you covered.

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