Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

As the leaves fade to brown and the air turns crisp, it becomes more and more evident the holiday season is upon us. Soon, families will gather for Thanksgiving, indulging in turkey and stuffing before retiring to naps on the sofa amidst the audio backdrop of football. After that comes the winter holidays, culminating in the beginning of a new year. If you, like many, will be traveling this holiday season, these travel tips may be of assistance.

Fill Up Your Tank Outside the City

If you are driving to your holiday destination, your largest expense may be filling up your gas tank. Due to rent and taxes, the overhead cost for gas stations in rural areas is less burdensome, so gas more often than not is cheaper there than in urban areas. If you are traveling from an urban starting point and are low on gas, try filling up just enough to get outside the city before getting a full tank.

Pack Snacks or Meals at Home

A time-honored trick of the fiscally-responsible is packing a lunch at home before heading into the office. You, too, can apply that tip to your travel plans. Whether you are flying or driving, the costs of snacks or meals can add up. By planning ahead at the grocery store or rummaging through your pantry and fridge, you can save not only money but also valuable time.

Get to the Airport Earlier

Frequent fliers tend to have an idea of how much time they need to allocate between leaving for the airport and their departure time. Whether you like to cut it close or spend time relaxing at the gate, it’s a sound idea to add buffer time to your usual plans. Holidays are a busy time for travel, so you may experience more traffic, less bountiful parking and longer lines at security checkpoints. Cut down on potential stress by adding extra time to your schedule just in case.

Take Public Transit or Rideshare to the Airport When Possible

Not only can parking spots become scarce, but airports tend to be among the most-expensive parking you can encounter. The longer your trip, the larger your parking bill will be when you return. If you have the option to take public transit to the airport, you will have a much-smaller fixed cost. The same can be true for rideshares as you will only pay for a trip there and back, as opposed to your car sitting for days in the parking garage along with the gas it took to arrive.

Ensure Your Home is Secure

Before embarking on your journey, put your mind at ease by making sure your home is secure. If you have a video doorbell system, check to see if it is fully charged. It is also smart to make certain all your doors and windows are locked, and your home security system is enabled if you have one. If you are going to be gone for an extended period of time, you can ask a friend or neighbor to take in the mail and newspapers that accumulate during your absence. 

Book Your Pet’s Stay Early

Not everyone is afforded the ability to take their furry friends with them to their travel destination. If you fall into that category, you will need to find a pet-sitter or boarding location for your pets. Not only does the availability of such services dwindle quickly, but the costs can rise due to the demand. Make sure to book early to avoid scrambling at the last minute or paying a premium.
Following these tips can help make your travel experience inexpensive and more enjoyable. No matter how you travel or where, Ameris Bank wishes you a safe trip.

Reviewed November 2022

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