Prepare for Tax Season

Prepare for Tax Season

As tax season approaches, let Ameris help you to locate the documents you need.

Personal Banking Tax Documents

Business Banking Tax Documents

The first step in preparing for tax season is gathering the necessary documents.

Ameris Bank provides access to some of the tax forms that may need, such as Form 1099-INT and forms related to interest income and other transactions. Sign into to online banking to access your tax forms.

What other documents will you need?

Your W2 from your employer. If you had multiple employers during the year, make sure you have a W2 from each. Reach out to your company’s HR department if you did not receive one in the mail. Check out this article, Understanding Your W-2 Form, to learn more about this document.

Self-employed? Use Form 1040 to determine the tax due on net earnings from self-employment.

Retired? You will need form 1099-R for distributions from pension, annuities, IRAs and retirement or profit-sharing plans. Learn more about tax information and document needs for seniors and retirees.

Trouble accessing your tax documents?

Instructions for Business Banking

Instructions for Personal Banking

Visit for more information about filing your taxes.

Published December 2022

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