Managing Student Finances

Managing Student Finances

Below are tools and tips available for assistance and guidance in learning how to manage student finances.

Create a Budget

Create a budget together, tracking spending verses income and how to tweak as needed. And review tips for staying on budget.

Establish Mobile and Online Alerts

Stay fully engaged with account activity by establishing emailed alerts via Online Banking, and text alerts through Mobile Banking.

Transfer Funds with Ease

You can easily transfer funds from one Ameris Bank account to another through Online Banking as needed or can establish a reoccurring automatic transfer of funds.

Understand Overdrafts and Overdraft Management

Learn to avoid and manage overdrafts. Understand overdrafts, how they affect your finances and tips on how to avoid overdrawing your account.

Encourage Responsibility

Educate your students on ways they can be responsible with their money. Give your student tips on managing credit card debt, ways to graduate from higher education with less debt, and information on higher education funding available through scholarships, grants, and federal student aid.

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