Experience Concert Season on a Budget


Experience Concert Season on a Budget

Concerts can provide memories that last a lifetime. Ask anyone about their first or favorite concert and you’re sure to trigger vivid recollections. The sights, sounds, crowds and feelings stay fresh in our memories, long after we’ve taken off our dancing shoes.

No matter if you are waiting in line, perusing Ticketmaster or hoping to be “caller No. 5,” something that may creep into your mind is the cost. While closer seats, better parking or purchases like concessions and commemorative t-shirts will add to your total spend, there are ways to enjoy the show while also sticking to your budget.

Join artist fan clubs to get discounts

Some concertgoers get away for a night out listening to live music, while others actively seek out their favorite artists. If you have a particular artist you would like to see live, try joining a fan club. Many clubs offer opportunities for discounts, preferred seating or even a chance to meet your favorite star.

Look for presale codes

There are a variety of available presales available to concertgoers. Ticketmaster and Live Nation have presale email alerts letting you know when one of your bands will be in your area. In addition, some artists provide codes for fans that purchase albums or download specific songs.

Open a rainy-day savings account or make a concert budget

If you plan on attending an upcoming concert, or merely want to be prepared if a tempting act comes to town, consider setting aside an entertainment budget. Just like you can try to prepare yourself for any of life’s sudden occurrences, you can also have money available if an intriguing concert comes up. That way, you can feel financial peace of mind knowing those tickets you bought were with funds set aside for such an occasion.

Don’t get ripped off – Be cognizant of where you buy tickets online

Scalpers used to be easy to spot: waiving a pair of paper tickets in the air just outside the entrance of a venue. Now, many are selling tickets online in an unending supply of digital marketplaces. While some resellers are fellow concertgoers who cannot attend anymore due to a change in circumstances, some may be charging significant markup or selling phony tickets altogether. When buying tickets online, it is important to be judicious about where and from whom you buy.

Eat prior to arriving at the concert

Sticker shock at the concession stand can be an all-too-real predicament. Prices of convenience can have you spending more than you anticipated on lunch or dinner. Try eating at home or at a restaurant before you arrive. That way, you can not only save money on filling your stomach but also can spend less time in line and more time listening to the entertainment.

Reviewed July 2023

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