Love on a Budget

Love on a Budget

Dates That Won’t Break the Bank

Dating may consist of dinner, drinks, coffee, maybe even the movies, but with rising food costs or even paying fees to find a date on an app, all these items add up—fast!

There are ways to stay romantic, stay on budget and even plan dates where you can leave your debit card at home.

Here are some ways to have a romantic date without breaking the bank.

Get outside. Whether it’s hiking, a walk in a park, or a beach date (if you’re lucky enough to live near one), these are some affordable ways to get to know your date. If you do spend money on snacks or even parking, make sure to set some card controls on your debit card. This way you can track how much you’re spending and even prevent fraud in case you lose your card on the trail or in the sand.

Free or discount museum exhibits. Many museums have certain days or weekends when they offer free entry or discount prices to visitors. For the days that you pay for the discounted rates, make sure to check out our free checking account. That way you’re at least saving money when it comes to your bank fees!

Volunteer date. By volunteering, you and your date can get to know each other through helping the community. Getting your hands dirty or cleaning up a river may not sound romantic, but the bonding experience can create an environment for easy conversation and less nerves. And if you're feeling like donating money, many trusted non-profits accept donations through Zelle, that way you can easily use your checking account to send money.

At-home wine tasting. Wine does cost money, but tasting different wines at home is cheaper than flying to Napa Valley. Buying a couple of wines at the grocery store and setting-up a mini-tasting at home can save a lot of money and be romantic.

Being mindful of your budget and planning can help you date without breaking the bank. Learn more about how Ameris Bank can help you meet your financial goals.

Published January 2024

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