New Year, New Financial Goals

New Year, New Financial Goals

New year, new financial goals. If setting up a new savings or budgeting resolution is on your list for 2024, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some digital tools that can help you start the New Year on the right financial foot.

Many of us know how much money we have coming in, but sometimes we don’t always track what’s going out. Our monthly cash flow tracker makes it easy to categorize where you are spending money, your consistent bills, and where you can save.

Speaking of savings, do you have a goal? Maybe your dream trip to Europe or a down payment on your first home. No matter how big or small your savings goal, there are tools to set you up for success. Check out our savings calculator. All you have do is type in a financial goal and timeline, and our calculator does the math for you.

Debt. The four-letter word many people don’t want to think about as they ring in the New Year. Setting up a payment plan may help decrease anxiety surrounding interest rates and when it will be paid off. This debt payoff calculator breaks down when to spend more money on the payment versus putting it in savings.

These are just a few tools that can help kick-off your 2024 in a big financial way, click here to see all of our free financial calculators. There’s even one for spare change.

Published December 2023

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