Finding Affordable Travel Options

Finding Affordable Travel Options

If given a chance, almost anyone would love to travel the world to see all that it has to offer. Have you found yourself dreaming of a vacation but are unsure how you could ever afford it? Keep reading to learn about affordable travel options that will help turn your dreams into reality.


While you may believe you need to go "all-out" to have a dream vacation, you can prioritize what you need and don’t need — just as you would in your day-to-day life. For example, you might prioritize your dream home over a new luxury vehicle or vice versa. Use this strategy when planning your trip.

Prioritize your travel needs based on:

  • Where you will stay
  • How you will get there
  • When you will go
  • What you will do when you're there

Perhaps you’re interested in going to Florida, but you’re planning your trip during Spring Break. In that case, you will likely pay more, particularly for your accommodations, than you would in the summer or off-season months.

The same goes for expenditures on activities and experiences. Group activities or excursions purchased from tour groups can be pricey, so consider conducting self-guided tours for a fraction of the price.


Think small. Many people fly with larger airlines and depart from busy airports because they feel they are getting the best experience. But don't be afraid to fly out of a smaller airport that offers budget-friendly flights.

Consider one-way flights. Think you’re getting a great deal on your roundtrip flight? Think again. Many airlines offer even better deals on one-way flights to large and small airports worldwide.

Avoid flying on weekends. Look into the days you are flying. Often, flying on a Tuesday or Wednesday comes with lower airfares.


Accommodation costs are often a large part of a vacation expense, if not the largest. Saving money can start with where you stay.

Look into vacation rentals. You don't necessarily need to stay in a five-star hotel. After all, many people are only there to sleep. If you stay in a less expensive hotel, you may have more to spend on dining or excursions. If you choose to stay in a rental-by-owner, you may have access to a full kitchen and can cook most of your meals.

Stay with friends or family. Ask friends and family if you can stay with them during your travel dates to save some money.

Stay nearby. You want to travel to London or Rome, but if you stay in a less popular, yet nearby town, you will likely find the accommodations less expensive - and still close to the areas you want to see.

Trying new things and seeing new places does not have to break the bank. With a little bit of flexibility and pre-planning, you can have the vacation of a lifetime. Remember, the experience is the ultimate reward, not how you get there or where you stay.

Updated August 2023

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