Hopping on the Soft Saving Trend

Hopping on the Soft Saving Trend

Generation Z is here, earning money and developing their own financial strategies. Just like the generations before them, Gen Z is establishing their own rules, ideas, and goals. So how are they spending their money? And why?

Gen Z prioritizes living in the present. Many of them invest and spend money on a lifestyle that best reflects their personalities. The explorer goes after travel, the health guru seeks wellness, and the fashionista invests in clothing staples.

This is where the “soft saving” trend comes in. Young adults are saving for the experience of now versus retirement. What are some ways to help Gen Z gain their soft saving smarter and faster?

Our savings accounts allow you to save and earn interest. These accounts are easy to monitor and grow your money at a healthy rate.

No matter what you’re saving for, it’s always easier to meet your goal with a plan and budget. Card controls, set-up through a debit card linked to an Ameris Bank checking account, is a simple way to stay on track. It allows you to set spending limits, transaction controls, and fraud alerts. The best part is that you can do it all from your phone.

Calculators! No math needed. Trying to save money for a trip to New Zealand or working towards being a millionaire? There’s a calculator for that. These digital tools allow you to fill out your timeline, how much you need, and it generates the plan for you.

Every generation has their unique views and lifestyles we can learn from, and Gen Z is no different. Here at Ameris Bank, we have the financial tools for Gen Z to reach their long-term or short-term goals.

Published December 2023

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