Girl Math: Does It Really Add Up?

Girl Math: Does It Really Add Up?

Have you heard of ‘girl math’? It’s trending on social media as a way that people – mostly young women – are sharing how they justify luxurious spending. Videos posted with the #girlmath hashtag have amassed over 36 million views since July.

Jamison C., a 24-year-old from Atlanta, Ga., gives an example of her own ‘girl math.’

“I am going on a trip soon and want a few new outfits. So, I spent $100 on a subscription service to rent a few pieces specifically for my trip. If I didn't spend that $100 to rent clothes, I would have spent $300 buying new clothes. Using ‘girl math,’ I actually saved $200 that I can now spend on other things during my trip.”

'Girl math’ is a term used in good fun and should not be used to perpetuate the idea that young women do not know how to handle money. The concept of justifying out-of-budget spending isn’t new, and certainly isn’t limited to any gender or age group. Across the board, financial wellness experts urge everyone to use this common method of reasoning sparingly.

It’s important to find a balance. People should spend money in a way that makes them happy but should also be mindful of whether they are rationalizing purchases in a way that hinders their financial goals or even leads to the accumulation of debt.

These tried-and-true budgeting strategies can help anyone who is trying to strike that balance. So, rather than justifying purchases, you can plan for them!

Published August 2023

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