Relocating for Retirement

Living in Retirement
Relocating for Retirement

Whether you want to be closer to your children, going somewhere warm or have better access to healthcare, many plan to relocate for retirement.  

Here are a few things to consider before you start packing your boxes.  


There are a few potential benefits of relocation: 

  • Better Access to Family. Relocating closer to family can improve your relationships with them and reduce travel costs.
  • Choosing a Home Built for Aging. As we age, our need for home features may change. This might include a home without stairs or other features our current home might not have.
  • An Early Move. Moving earlier rather than later in retirement allows you to absorb the financial and physical toll of moving much better than moving later in retirement.


Physically moving may cost a lot between a truck, movers, deposits and gas, but you should also consider a few financial benefits of relocating. 

  • Maintenance Needs. This is especially true if you opt for a newer, smaller home when relocating. The new home might require less work.
  • Cost of Living. Moving to a less expensive area with a lower cost of living could be beneficial.

  • Utilities. Smaller homes often cost less to keep warm and cool, which saves money.


Moving will not only have you leaving your home behind but also the friends and neighbors that made it feel like home. 

It can be a substantial loss for many people and should be a serious consideration for anyone contemplating a move. Consider your emotional needs before making a decision. 


Healthcare is usually a top consideration for retirees. So, investigate the presence of quality medical care when deciding on your retirement location. 

Some states offer huge perks to those who choose to live there during their golden years. Dig deep and look for information for the state you are considering regarding the following: 

  • State income taxes
  • Sales taxes

  • Death taxes

  • Property taxes

Also, look at local prices for groceries and food, gasoline, and utilities as well as for activities that interest you. That will give you an idea of costs you can expect, financially, when moving. 

Revised November 2022

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