Federal Loan Programs for RV Parks and Campgrounds

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Federal Loan Programs for RV Parks and Campgrounds

Published: November, 2018
Updated: June, 2021

Are you seeking financing for an RV park/campground? Have you encountered some reluctance from your banker? Many bankers don't have experience lending to this industry and haven't recognized its potential. As an advocate of SBA and USDA federal loan programs for small businesses, I can tell you that these programs accommodate many owner's financing needs when their banks could not. Even some of my competitors, who also originate SBA and USDA loans, would prefer lending to businesses in industries in which they have more experience. I advise existing and new owners of RV parks and campgrounds to continue shopping if you encounter a lender who isn't friendly toward their loan request. Talk to associates in the industry to learn which lenders view RV park and campground loan requests favorably.

SBA and USDA lenders originate small business loans with federal backing so that we can almost always provide lower down payments, longer repayment terms, and easier qualifying criteria than traditional bank loans. We offer financing for the following types of loan requests from RV park/campground operators:

  • Business Startup
  • Partner Buyout
  • New Construction
  • Business Expansion
  • Business Acquisition
  • Refinancing For Lower Payments

These federal small business loan programs are not available for mobile home parks or properties where the majority of revenues result from long-term residents. Visit with an official SBA or USDA participating lender to determine your business' eligibility. In many instances, these federal loan programs offer financing with down payment requirements half of traditional bank financing.

Also, most conventional bank loans are short-term with maturities less than five years. SBA and USDA loans provide long-term financing up to 25 years for RV park/campground properties.

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