What is the Purpose of a Commercial Card?

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What is the Purpose of a Commercial Card?

As an owner or financial decision-maker for your business, you're always looking for ways to optimize cash flow, reduce costs and simplify operations. One solution you may not have considered is using a commercial card for your business expenses.

What is a Commercial Card?

A commercial card is different from a traditional business credit card. It's designed specifically for corporate needs. More importantly, the card uses your business credit, so you can keep your business and personal finances separate.

Compared to old-school payment methods like cash or checks, commercial cards provide much more spending control, and, with the right program, you can efficiently manage all your expenses in one place.

Why Should You Consider a Commercial Card?

There are many reasons to consider using a commercial card program:

Save money. A commercial card can replace multiple systems and accounts, including travel cards, purchasing cards and expense management software. By consolidating these systems into one solution, you may reduce administrative costs.

Improve cash flow. In today's economy, small business loans can be difficult to secure. A commercial card provides the flexibility you need to access funds and optimize cash flow.

Earn benefits. Many commercial card programs come with attractive rewards and benefits, like complimentary rental car insurance, roadside assistance or rebates.

Streamline reporting. Robust reporting allows you to closely track expenses across your company. Employees can track mileage, upload receipts and create and submit expense reports right from their mobile devices.

Prevent fraud. Commercial card programs typically have better built-in protections than personal cards to prevent misuse and fraud. With a Commercial Card from Ameris Bank*, you can control the number of transactions, set spending limits and issue or revoke card access instantly.

Ready to Make the Switch?

With a card meant for business, you can optimize cash flow, mitigate risk and improve efficiency.

Learn more about Treasury Management Services from Ameris Bank or contact our team for a complimentary review of your current card program and business needs. We're ready to streamline your payables processes, right now.

Published August 2023

*Subject to credit approval.

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