Five Tips for Small Business Financial Wellness

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Five Tips for Small Business Financial Wellness

The first week of May not only marks Small Business Week, but also the start of Small Business Month. At Ameris Bank, we know how important small businesses are for our society and economy.

As we celebrate the determination of small business owners, we also want to provide them with tips to reach their goals.

Get to Know Your Banker

Think of your banker as an extension of your team. The more your banker knows about your business and objectives, the more they can advocate and support you. As changes take place in your business and in the economy, you’ll be glad to have an established, trusted partner who has financial expertise and who knows your business.

Prioritize Security

As a business owner, you’ll want to prioritize the security of company and customer information. Since scammers are becoming more sophisticated and fraud is on the rise, lean on your financial partner for advice. Between positive pay services to reduce check fraud, tools to monitor ACH transactions, and debit card safety measures – they can provide options to help safeguard sensitive data.

Find a One-Stop-Shop

Identify a financial partner that makes it possible for you to handle as much of your business banking as possible in one place.

Consider each of the services your business needs now, or that you will need down the line. Do you need merchant services, business credit cards, or positive pay as an extra measure to prevent check fraud?

To help small businesses consolidate their financial management, Ameris recently began offering new customers a Business Banking Bundle. This is an opportunity for small businesses to establish a financial relationship and have a one-stop-shop for some of the most needed banking services.

Manage Business Banking Online

For small business owners who have a lot on their plates, convenience is key. That’s what online banking provides - an easy way to manage your business finances from any location, at any time.

Leverage an online banking solution that lets you pay bills, move money, view transaction history, and export data to systems you rely on, such as QuickBooks.

Know Your Borrowing Options

If you need funding, it’s important to know your options. Small Business Administration (SBA) loans are popular since they’re available in a wide range of amounts and offer longer repayment terms. SBA loans can also be used for many different purposes. So, whether you want to launch or expand your company, this could be a good opportunity.

Your best course of action is to work with an SBA Preferred Lender, which has the expertise to help you navigate your options and review and approve your loan application.

Ameris Bank is here to support your success. Happy Small Business Week and Month!

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Published April 2023

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